More on Music City Frag Swap

  • The Music City Frag Swap will be held Saturday, May 12 at the Nashville Fairgrounds-Wilson Hall.  Special this year, for MTRC members only, we be allowed to enter the expo at 10am.  Britewell Aquatics will be giving a presentation on their new products and will have free samples for us.  After the presentation, you will get to view and purchase from vendors.  Doors open to the public at 11am. Admission will still be $5.  Vendor tables are already full and there is a wait list for those vendors that missed out on the sign-up.
  • The Music City Frag Swap: After reviewing other venues, the board decided the fairgrounds was the best option (cheapest) for the club.  However, to offset costs, we are asking if any members have a large folding table or chairs the club can borrow for Friday (May 11-for set-up) and Saturday May 12. Volunteers will be needed both Friday and Saturday for set-up, tear-down, raffles, and door entry.  Sign-up sheets will be posted in April.