ETRC show today!!

Good morning MTRC!! What a cold and gloomy morning… just the type of weather needed to take a ride to see the colors change along the mountains & warm up with some 🔥deals all while supporting our fellow TN reef club!!
For those of y’all unaware it is a balmy 37 degrees outside!! While your probably like my family, turning the radio up and heater to scold as we embark out to Knoxville… let’s not forget about bringing a cooler or insulated lunch pale to protect our treasures we find at the ETRC frag show today!
I will be stopping by a few places this morning to look if I can find some hand warmers to place into the coolers, if I can find bulk of them I’ll get them and comment later on our social media pages… let’s prepare for a great day and I’ll see y’all at the show.