Thanks to all who support your favorite reef club!

Lots goes into setting up events, then of course the couple hours of acclimating and placing and rearranging our systems after the event.. I feel very lucky to be part of such a great club!! I believe that I’m not alone in thanking the people behind the scenes Chris, Dan, Jon, Bonnie and Lizzy. I’m very grateful for the input and assistance with everything this year! All the great members definitely have made it worth the time invested!!
Another successful year is closing quickly, we get luck to have such great people & places here in Middle Tennessee like James @ 7 Seas Aquatics. Thanks for hosting our Christmas meeting and feeding us some great food! Thanks to Kimmie @ Spikes corals for always putting smiles on everyone’s faces, including every kid who shows interest in our hobby! You both definitely make us feel blessed every chance y’all get! Thank you very much for everything!

I’d also love to thank everyone who reached out offering various frags and giveaway items, y’all are definitely great people and together make this hobby even more special!

Very special Thanks to all our Local Store owners Sean, Andrew, Chris B., Brad & James! I know you guys have been busy and sometimes we don’t express the appreciation for all the hard work. Trust me when I say on behalf of every member in this club, we all thank you guys for all the help!! Not with just donations or sponsorship for keeping our club vested but for keeping our local community knowledgeable and always willing to go that extra step for everyone in our community!! You guys should know we all value each and every one of you!

I’d also like to thank the great people who added to the year, William with reefin USA for helping put on our first frag show of the year! The great people at Sustainable Aquatics for the giveaways and always happy healthy fish! Lawrence @ fraglabs, – Saltwater Aquarium Supplies you guys rock! Everyone loved the swag pack giveaways!!

Finally our own little “mom & pop” shops, Fish Party Aquatics & Reef Chasers LLC for sponsorship in the club l! I’m sure I’m missing something or someone but if I have, know all of us at MTRC truly thank each and every one of y’all!!
Have a very Merry Christmas and have A Happy New Year!!

With all my gratitude,

Louis U